A man of all interests yet an expert in none. He mostly exists in his dark, gaseous cave, enjoying what he does best, sitting there, staring blankly into space while he organises the thoughts and ideas in his head like a game of Tetris. When the mood strikes him, he’ll indulge in past-times that he once held dear but films don’t quite excite him as they once did, games do not enthral him as they once did, and the prospect of actually finishing one of the 37 novels he is currently working on forever continues to shift from a labour of love into just labour. But also the idea of crawling out of his cave does not scare him as it once did, and the effect on the world will be devastating, and all will bow down to his oblique apathy as he rules the world with an iron will of indifference and indecision. None shall be safe. NONE!